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Introduction to Aerospace with Drones

Broadening Engagement in STEM Learning

NASA Out of School Learning Network


J.L Griffis Twin Cities Schools Aviation Program

Aerospace Diversity Outreach and Inclusion

Scholarship Programs

Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) Research

Research focused on AAM Community Integration, Last-mile delivery, and Air Metro urban air transportation as a public transit option.

Advanced Air Mobility

Pilot Training

FAA Certificated Advanced Ground Instruction aimed at earning the following certificates.

  • Private Pilot
  • Commercial Pilot
  • Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)

Student Placement

  • Career Mentoring for students
  • Job Placement for students
JL Griffis Twin Cities School - Aviation Program

Saint Paul Public SchoolsFacilitating afterschool classroom instruction using RubiQ Discover Drones and PCS Edventures curriculum at Washington Technology Magnet School and Humboldt High School. Building RubiQ drones with high school students, including lessons in engineering and technology, safety regulations and procedures surrounding unmanned aerial vehicles, basics of flight, flight simulator training, and hands-on line-of-sight piloting. After mastering RubiQ drone controls, students will begin using First-Person View (FPV) goggles, experiencing first-hand what STEM at 75 MPH is like!

Program Partners

New community partnerships formed through the Aerospace Diversity Outreach and Inclusion program have provided several opportunities to combine resources and enhance our program.

New Star Aviation previously had a formal partnership and funded contract with Saint Paul Public Schools. We previously offered an Introduction to Aerospace with Drones extended day course at Washington Technology Magnet School.

New Star Aviation previously had a formal partnership with NASA Glen Research Center. We were awarded travel funding and education materials as part of the NASA Out of School Learning Network for aerospace education activities in Summer 2017.

We are actively pursuing strategic partnerships with other non-profit organizations to enhance our ability to deliver our programs to students of color in Saint Paul and the surrounding communities with combined resources from multiple funding sources.

New Star Aviation - Drone Instruction

NASA Glenn Research Center - Office of Education

The Mars Generation

Saint Paul Public Schools - Washington Technology Magnet School

Hill Murray School

Jerry Griffis Twin Cities Schools

The Circle of Peace Movement

Twin Cities ACE Academy

Project PoSSUM